10 Ways to Gift Your Brother Who’s a Pain, But You Love Anyway

He may have beat you up when you were a kid (or even now), but here’s what you should get your brother who already has everything anyway.

Best Brother Gifts 2018 - Unique Gifts for Brother In Law, Step Brother 2019


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It’s officially the time of year when you have to find a gift for your brother.  What do you get the guy who tormented you as a child, always got his own way and, well, still does pretty much to this day?  He basically already has everything he could want anyway, but if you’ve been spending your time trying to figure out exactly what to get him and are still coming up short (you shrimp!), we can help you out with that.  Plus, if you’re looking for some gift ideas for your brother-in-law, these will also do the trick too.  From some traditional finds to some over-the-top ideas and, yes, even some cool things that say “Brother” on them, check out some of the best brother gifts (so far) in 2018.

For the Traditional Brother Gift:  The ‘World’s Okayest Brother’ Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Best Brother Gifts 2018: World's Okayest Brother Mug

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Because, well, he’s just ‘ok’ and you need to let him know that.  Ok, fine.  He’s actually the greatest brother, but you can’t let him get a big head over it.  Keep him grounded with this funny coffee mug.

For the Barber Obsessed Brother:  The Art of Shaving ‘Sandalwood’ Shaving Gift Set – Buy It Here

Best Brother Gifts 2018: The Art of Shaving Gift Set

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Because he loves it when he gets a fresh shave at the barber but, let’s face it, he doesn’t have the time or money to do that all during the week.  Bring the barber to him with this best-selling shaving kit that comes with pre-shave oil, shaving cream, a great shaving brush, and some must-use after shave balm.  Keep him looking fresh to death.

For the Partying Bro:  The Mini Flip-Cup Table Drinking Game – Buy It Here

Best Brother Gifts 2018: Mini Flip Cup

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Because he loved playing flip cup in college, but his new apartment isn’t that big so why not get him a mini flip-cup game he can play at home.  Plus it’ll cut down on his drinking so that’s always a plus.  And it’s portable so he can bring it with him wherever he goes like on vacation, to his friends house, a bbq, the bathroom and more!

For the Awesome Brother:  The ‘This is What an Awesome Brother Looks Like’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Best Brother Gifts 2018: Awesome Brother T-Shirt

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He’s going to have to wear this t-shirt because you got it for him and how embarrassing is that!?

For the Cologne Obsessed Brother –  Dior ‘Sauvage’ Cologne – Buy It Here

Best Brother Gifts 2018: Sauvage Cologne

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Because he could smell a little bit better, right?  Dior ‘Sauvage’ cologne is (so far) one of the best-sellers this year and smells like a relaxing vacation in a bottle.  Perfect for this time of year!

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For the Cool Step Brother Gift:  The ‘Step Brothers’ Funko Pop Figurines – Buy It Here

Best Brother Gifts 2018: Step Brother Funko Pop

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Because he quotes the Step Brothers movie all-the-live-long-day and, well, so do you.  Now he can proudly display his two favorite Step Brothers; Dale and Brennan.  Seriously, how awesome are these Funko Pop figurines!

For the On-Trend Brother in Law:  Corkcicle Insulated Stainless Steel Canteen in Copper – Buy It Here

Best Brother Gifts 2018: Copper Canteen

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Because everything is copper these days thanks to the Moscow Mule craze a few years back.  This water (or other liquid) canteen will keep his cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and his hot drinks hot for up to 12-hours. It’s like a temperature controlling miracle inside!

For the Brother With Dad Bod Goals:  The Ultimate ‘Dad Bod’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Father's Day Gifts for Dad 2018: Dad Bod T-Shirt

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Because it’s the joke and goal that will never die!  Tell him to wear his ‘Dad Bod’ t-shirt with pride!

For the Hipster Brother:  Ted Baker of London Beard Oil – Buy It Here

Best Brother Gifts 2018: Ted Baker Beard Oil

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Because he’s a proud hipster and his beard could use a little extra love these days.  This meadowfoam beard oil will do the trick by helping to keep his beard softer than normal, less wire-like, and totally conditioned.  He’ll thank you for it.

For the Brother Who’s Your Best Friend:  The ‘Pizza & Fries’ Best Friend – Buy It Here

Funny Brother Gift Ideas 2018: Best Friend Tee in Blue

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He may have picked on you when you were little but, truth be told, he really is your best friend.  Plus,you can also get them as individual t-shirts where you wear one and he wears the other.  Here’s the ‘Best’ french fries one and here’s the ‘Friends’ pizza one!

The 4th of July Must-Have Tee!

The 4th of July 'Merica' T-Shirt -  Buy It Here

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