Get Your Ass Back to Work Nicole Richie

You best get your lazy ass back to work, Nicole Richie, because the fine readers of Us Weekly have just voted you as the next new mom to get your own reality show. Quite the honor. The people of Us Weekly are selfless and help celebrities make important life decisions day in and day out. Why, just the other day the readers voted that it was not ok to break up with someone via text message. First text message insights and then directly on to world peace!

So, stop being so lazy and hung up on being a mom behind closed doors and allow the cameras into your life 24/7 so we can see you juggling being a mom and a reality television star. How would one do that? Anyway, carry on Christina Aguilera and Halle Berry because people do not want to see you being a mom. Great voting my good people, great voting!
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