Gary Busey is Wicked Sorry

*tears not drawn to scale.

Gary Busey is wicked sorry and stuff for giving Jennifer Garner a big bear hug and kissing her neck on the red carpet prior to the Oscars. Here’s what Gar had to say:

“I meant no disrespect to Ms. Jennifer Garner when I met her at the Oscars and apologize if I made her uncomfortable. I simply greeted both actresses with joy and open arms, which is the way I would greet anyone I’m happy to meet. Everyone has experienced a handshake or hug which has turned awkward, and this was no different.”

Good on ya, Gary. I was with you until you started on about the awkward handshake or hug. I’m not sure everyone has experienced this. For example I doubt lepers or the homeless experience awkward hugs as they typically are not touched or interacted with at all. Also, this is typically not done on camera whilst yelling at a host. Anyway, see you at that party. Take care.

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