Funny Reactions People are Having Over Luvabella Online

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She’s the must have doll for Christmas 2017 and everyone is going crazy to try to find her online or in stores.  Yes, we’re talking about Luvabella (and even Luvabeau!).  But not everyone is ba-da-ba-ba-ba lovin’ her.  Some folks online think she’s creepy and will haunt all your dreams.  Some have even taken to video to voice their concern.  And, well, some Luvabella buyers aren’t exactly who’d you expect.  Here’s a running list of some funny things people are saying on social media about the lovely Luvabella.

1.  Aunt Marilyn Wants No Part of Luvabella!

2.  Who Needs a 401K, Really?

3.  Not Exactly Who We Thought the Target Demo Was.

4.  Luvabella is Clearly Going Big or Going Home!

Funny Luvabella quotes from people on Facebook (names removed to protect the innocent 😉 )
5.  Speaking the Truth from Facebook.

Uhhhh does anyone else think this is the doll that nightmares are made of?!”

6.  When All Else Fails!

My kid has already been begging for this Luvabella doll, but we’re just going to cancel Christmas to get out of it.”

7.  Countless Nightmares for Life.

Holy sh*t this doll is the thing of thousands of nightmares #ChuckyDoll2″

8.  Words of Wisdom from a Concerned Mom

If ya get this for your child, don’t expect them to not scream their head off from all the nightmares!”

9.   And perhaps our favorite Facebook comment (so far):

Hell no.  I don’t even want my actual kids.”

10.  Actually Chucky is Kind of Insulted By This.

11.  Luvabella Has Never Spoken Truer Words.