8 Unique Ways to Gift the Wine Lover (or Vino Snob) in Your Life

Finding ways to gift the wine lover in your life has never been more fun (or easy).  Read on for super fun gifting ideas!

2018 Gifts for Wine Lovers - Funny Inexpensive Wine Gifts for Wine Snob 2019

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We can pretend that it’s tough to find cool wine gifts but, well, that would be a lie.  There are so many fun (and sometimes funny) gifts out there for wine lovers that we actually have a hard time trying to narrow it down.  Sure you can always go the route of just buying them their favorite bottle of wine but, let’s be honest, everyone else is already going to get them that.  Plus, they’ll never remember the bottle that you got them anyway.  This season it’s all about thinking outside of the wine box.  We’ve come up with some funny ideas, some inexpensive wine gifts that don’t skimp on quality, and some traditional gifts that will certainly please the wine snob that you know and, believe us, we all know that person.  We don’t judge.  Check out our picks for some of the best gifts for wine lovers (so far) in 2018.

1.  For the Wine Lover Who Doesn’t Like a Hangover:  The Wine Aerator Glass Set – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers 2018: Inexpensive Wine Aerator 2019

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Because they may love wine, but who really wants the hangover than can accompany it?!  This stemless fountain aerating system comes with two glasses (as a bonus!) and decants your favorite wine, brings out the wines full potential of flavors and, yes, as many say totally helps decrease the hangover impact.  Everything in moderation of course!

2.  The Wine Gift on the Go:  The Wine Purse/Tote  Bag – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers 2018: Funny Wine Purse Bag 2019

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Because sometimes you just need your wine to go.  Don’t put it past us to try and sneak our favorite wine into a ballgame, a park picnic, or just at the beach.  We said don’t judge!  This super stylish bag can hold a 5-liter bottle of wine, comes with one cold pack and one bag insert.  Pour your wine in and discreetly dispense your wine wherever you go (within legal limits of course!).  Many say this makes the perfect joke gift for the wine lover in your life but, uh, we think it’s a totally practical gift this season.

3.  For the Funny Wine Lover:  The ‘May Contain Wine’ T-Shirt –  Buy It Here

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Because it’s funny because it’s true!  This cute little tee that says ‘May Contain Wine’ with a little wine glass also comes in other color options too like white, baby blue, pale pink, lemon yellow, grass green and more!  Have a laugh with the wine lover in your life and grab one for yourself too!

4.  For the Outdoor Wine Snob:  Set of 2 Outdoor Wine Glasses for the Grass/Ground – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers 2018: Outdoor Wine Glasses for Grass 2019

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Because drinking wine outside by the pool or just outside while relaxing in the nice weather is a total must-do.  These two wine glasses easily poke right into the grass, the dirt, the sand, or even the snow (hello winter outdoor wine drinkers!).  No reason to worry about your wine spilling over and being soaked up by mother earth!

5.  For the Not Snobby Wine Lover:  The Countertop Box Wine Dispenser – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers 2018: Wine Box Dispenser 2019

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Because, yes, we actually do like boxed wine, but we’re ready to class it up a bit.  This stainless steel wine dispenser easily fits on your counter and fits up to a standard 3-liter bag of wine right inside.  The best part is that this will help keep your wine fresh for up to 3-weeks.  I mean, not that you need 3-weeks to get through a box of wine, but if you did it would totally keep it tasting great the whole time.

6.  For the Classy Wine Gift:  The Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers 2018: Birth Stone Wine Stopper for Wine Snobs 2019

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Because you are classy AF and expect your wine bottles to look classy too.  These little beauties are actually handmade in the good old USA (hello Rhode Island residents!).

7.  The Inexpensive Wine Gift:  The Outdoor Wine Table – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers 2018: Funny Outdoor wine Table 2019

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Because if you’re heading outside to your favorite picnic spot it only makes sense to bring your favorite wine with you.  This handy little table securely pokes right into the ground (grass/dirt/sand) and will hold a standard bottle of wine, two wine glasses, and a small plate of your favorite foods (hello meats and cheeses!).

8.  The Funny Wine Gift:  The ‘Wine Wars’ Triva Game – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Wine Lovers 2018: Wine Trivia Game 2019

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Because your wine snob friends may not know exactly as much as they pretend they do about wine.  This fun trivia game will test the knowledge of your wine lover friends in a variety of super interesting and fun wine topics.