10 Ways to Gift Your Kids Favorite Teachers this School Year

Because teachers are, literally, dealing with your kids all the live-long-day and deserve a gift.  And a raise.  So at least give them a gift.

Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers 2017 - Funny Teacher Gift Ideas 2018

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Who has a more important job than a teacher?  Each day you send your kids to school in hopes they’ll learn something and become a productive member of society.  Oh and, yeah, their teacher is the one who has to help with that each and every day. Plus math is hard enough to figure out yourself, imagine having to actually teach someone that?!  Whether you’re looking for a unique teachers gift for Christmas, the end of year, or graduation, trust us, they’ve already received enough junky gifts to shake a stick at.  I mean, everything they own already has an apple on it.  Am I right?  So shop our picks for some of the best gifts for teachers (so far) this year they’ll actually use and not toss right in the trash.  We’ve heard.

The Proud Teacher Gift:  ‘I Teach.  What’s Your Superpower?’ Vintage Wall Art – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Teachers 2017: I Teach Vintage Sign 2018

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Because it’s funny and it’s true.  A really cool, vintage, wooden picture they can hang in their classroom or even in their home.

The Wine Loving Teacher:  ‘After School Snack’ Funny Wine Glass – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Teachers 2017: Funny Wine Glass 2018

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Because they have a sense of humor and certainly need a glass of wine especially after having to deal with your kid all day!

The Traveling Teacher:  Sugarfina Rosé Gummy Bear Carry On Cocktail Kit – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Teachers 2017: Cocktail Kit Rose

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Because they could use another drink especially after having to teach your kid for the day.  This carry on cocktail kit is allowed on planes and makes their favorite rosé cocktail (and with gummy bear chasers!).  Yum!

The Aggravated Teacher:  The ‘Mood Ring’ Thermochromic iPhone Case – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Teachers 2017: Mood Ring Phone Case 2018

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Because they’ll need to check their mood levels all throughout the day.  Simply press your hand on the back of this smartphone case and it’ll let you know how you’re feeling.  Awesome and much needed!

The Funny Teacher:  “F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers” Book – Buy It Here


Best Gifts for Teachers 2017: Funny Book F in Exams 2018

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Because they can totally relate to this and could probably write a sequel to this book themselves!

The Zen Teacher:  Ban.Do Hot Thermal Travel Mug ‘Everything is Gonna Be Ok’ – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Teachers 2017: Travel Mug 2018

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Because they need a little additional inspiration every now and then, but can use this travel thermal mug all day long!

The Realistic Teacher:  Funny ‘Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice’ Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

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Because they’re on their 6th cup of coffee and your kid needs to know they mean business.

The Deserving Teacher:  Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate Candy Truffles – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Teachers 2017: Truffles

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Because after a long day they’ll love you for this.  Simply delicious and at a really decent price.

The Inspirational Teacher:  Silver Apple Teacher Pendant – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Teachers 2017: Necklace

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Because what they do is probably the most important job in the world and they’ll be proud to sport this.

The Teacher Who Need a Drink – Hydro Flask Temperature Pint Glass – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Teachers 2017: Hydroflask for Christmas 2018

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Because did we mention they need a drink or two after having to teach your kid all day.  Yeah, they do.  This Hydro Flask will keep their favorite beverage at the perfect temp…chilled, of course!

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