Fun With Chris Brown's Myspace Comments…Becuase, You Know, The Crazies Are Showing Their Support!

Having fun with Lindsay Lohan’s Myspace  was such a fun segment that I figured what better time to blow out this segment than now and who better to laugh with than Chris Brown?  Look, any form alleged domestic violence isn’t funny.  However, you know what’s a little funny?  The people who commented on his Myspace page.  Yeah, they’re a trip.  And I’m also going to say how even through all this, I still love the song “With You.”  Yeah, I said it.  Sue me.  You know you still love “Proud Mary” even after Ike went to town all over Tina.  Case dismissed.  Anywhay, below are some fancy screenshots from the comment section of Chris Brown’s Myspace page along with my 2 cents below each comment. You’re welcome.


~ True dat, Bitz! I just wanted 2 say dat yuh better hitz da books and stop wit da myspace comments before yuh fail your azz outta school. Itz all fun and gamz now, but aint so funny latah on in life cuz yuh be working at Stop N Shop. Plz dont be depressed by my comment or sth else.

chris brown

~  I’m glad that you’re praying for both Chris Brown and Rihanna.  Oh, while you’re busy praying for two extremely weathly and talented people any chance you’d have room in there for one more little old prayer for, oh I don’t know, the homeless or maybe even all the people who are out of work?  Any chance T.I ever said anything about praying for people like that?

brown chris

~  Hey there, Mxxxx, thanks for bringing the women’s movement back 50 years.  You know how those “women” are.  All frikkin crazy bitches.  Your mom must be proud.


~ Wow. You must be friends with Mxxxx up there in the previous comment. Now I have a question.  When you “put the shit on ice” doesn’t the shit melt the ice?  I mean, shit is usually hot, no?  Anyrant, how exactly do “women tend to take advantage of the justice system and use it to their advantage?”  You are a terrible, terrible, person and if you have kids I’m calling DSS. 


chris brown

~ Ruh-roh!  Someone is angry!  This post, however, is a little suspicious….especially the part about “Tyra.”  Why do I have a feeling that this was actually posted by Tyra, just to tie her name to this situation.  Bravo, Tyra, bravo!


~  I don’t even understand this one.  What the hell is wrong with people?  Whatever happend to the simpler days when people would just write, “Chris do you think the Friends are really friends?”  See how simple and happy a question like that is?



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