These Unicorns and Dinosaurs Make the Best Inflatable Sprinklers for Kids This Summer

Say adios to those old rusty metal sprinklers that just go back and forth and say hello to these super fun giant inflatable water sprinklers for the yard!

Best Sprinklers For Kids 2018: 7 Foot Giant Unicorn

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We all grew up jumping through that one busted sprinkler over and over again.  Sure we didn’t have a pool, but neither did anyone else.  We were perfectly content closing our eyes and running through the sprinkler until it was time for supper.  These days, sprinklers for the kiddos have come such a long way.  First off, so many of them are inflatable (those are our favorites) and most of them are giant.  Yep, we’re talking taller than most adults ranging anywhere from 6-feet to 7-feet.

You and your kids will be the envy of the neighborhood this summer when they’re squealing with delight running around underneath these giant unicorns, elephants, dinosaurs, or underneath this total magical rainbow.  Look how much more fun these sprinklers are compared to what we grew up with!?  Check out our picks for the best water sprinklers for kids (so far) this summer of 2018.

1.  Giant 7-Foot Tall Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler for Kids – Check Price

Best Sprinklers For Kids 2018: 7 Foot Giant Unicorn

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This is the sprinkler that everyone is buzzing about this summer and is already all over Instagram.  This magical unicorn stands proudly at over 7-feet tall and sprays a ton of water out of her beautiful unicorn horn.  We assume it’s a ‘she’ but we don’t judge.  The extra large valve makes blowing it up and deflating it pretty easy.  Obviously we don’t recommend trying to blow this up with your mouth, so make sure you have an electric pump handy or, you know, have some laughs blowing it up at your local gas station and walking it back home.  It’ll be like a parade.

2.  Giant 6-Foot Tall Inflatable Green Dinosaur Sprinkler – Check Price

Best Sprinklers For Kids 2018: Giant Dinosaur Inflatable Sprinkler

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If unicorns aren’t your thing (although how could they not be your thing), then go the route of this wacky green dino.  It stands ferociously at just about 6-feet tall and provides hours of fun for you and your kiddos.  The water comes out of his mouth and the kids will have a blast using their imagination and pretending the dinosaur really is coming after them.  This one is pretty easy to move around as it’s only around 6-pounds.  Take that Jurassic Park!

3.  Huge Blue Elephant Inflatable Water Sprinkler for Kids – Check Price

Best Sprinklers For Kids 2018: Giant Inflatable Elephant

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This cute blue elephant doesn’t forget and either will your kids this summer!  One of the friendliest sprinklers we’ve seen since the unicorn, this four-legged guy weighs in at 6.1-pounds (not bad considering it’s an elephant) and stands at just over 6-feet tall.  It’s super easy to hook your hose up to him and then the sprinkler water comes out of his giant blue trunk, spraying down on you and your kids.  We couldn’t love him any more than we do!

4.  Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler for Kids – Check Price

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Because everything is just better when you’re running under a rainbow.  This large inflatable sprinkler is just about 5-feet high, hooks up to your hose in the corner of the cloud, and rains down on you from the top of the rainbow itself.  Super magical.

5.  The Ultimate Giant Colorful Beach Ball Yard Sprinkler – Check Price

Best Sprinklers For Kids 2018: Giant Inflatable Beach Ball Sprinkler

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This cool inflatable beach ball sprinkler sprays water all over the place in a nice and gentle mist keep you and your kids nice and cool without worrying about getting a sharp spray in the eye! This is a great option for the little ones who want to play and cool off in the summer heat.

Fun Inflatable Water Sprinklers For Kids 2018 - Giant Unicorn, Dinosaur, Elephant, Rainbow 2019

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