Foxy Brown, Can U Hear Me Now?

I almost don’t even where to begin with this one. Apparently Foxy Brown, who after multiple DNA tests has proven to not be the same person as Lil’ Kim, got the bag beat out of her the other day. Oh, and by “bag” I really mean got her weave torn off her head, her hearing aid ripped out (what), and had her hand bag stolen. Oh and it gets better. The girls that allegedly beat the bag out of Foxy were three girls of her ex-boyfriend. Foxy dumped her boyfriend after she found out that he was a pimp. Ok, so let’s regroup for a minute:
  • hearing-aid
  • torn weave
  • stolen bag
  • pimp

Just making sure we were all on the same page. And how does Foxy Brown NOT have her own reality show? I mean this beating alone could be 3 episodes, plus the whole pimp storyline could absolutely be the Christmas special.

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