For Some Reason Amy Winehouse Turned Herself Into Snooki


As if Amy Winehouse couldn’t hit tilt on the “Bat-Sh*t-Crazy-O-Meter” she actually has.  Leaving a court in Milton Keynes, England yesterday looking all Snooki-like orange with what I can only assume is a double-poof mixed in with a few of JWOWW’s skunk strands, Amy Winehouse plead guilty to charges of common assault and disorder.  These charges stemmed after WineWoww was accused of attacking a theatre manager after she was asked to leave a pantomime production of Cinderella back in December.  WineWoww then allegedly kicked the manager in the crotch and later turned herself in because, well, this is all the norm for both Amy and the entire cast of Jersey Shore.  Personally I think she’d make a nice addition to the cast.

Why does WineWoww always walk like a flamingo who’s ready to tip over due to the new weight of her rack-attack?

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