Fergie Wears My Nana’s Pants to TRL

I think my Nana has been through a lot. People always seem to steal her stuff and she doesn’t deserve to get robbed, unless it’s her grandkids that are robbing her. Well, Fergie ain’t none no grandkid of my Nana! Fergie was in NYC yesterday to appear on TRL or “Total Request Live” as no one calls it and sing a little song. Now don’t think that I wasn’t trying to hunt down Fergie when I heard she was in the city. I looked everywhere; my desk, the street, at an ATM. She wasn’t in any of those places so I gave up. If I saw her I planned on slapping her ass and running. What? That’s not weird. Don’t judge. That would be my 15 minutes of fame. Anyway, back to Fergie robbing my Nana. She totally stole my Nana’s pants and she may have had a stoke too because her pants are up past he waist and creeping towards her boobs or “Fergies” as I like to call them. Bonus points for “jean suspenders.” Extra bonus points for her facial expression in the last picture. That definitely is Fergilicious.
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