Fauxlebrity Sightings: Miss J. Alexander


IBBB has decided to add a new quick segment to this site, that should be shut down by the Board of Health, in which I like to call “Fauxlebrity Sightings.”  Catchy, yes?  Like crabs.  When I used to work in Times Square I would walk to work and pretend that random passersby were someone famous and I would go to work and tell anyone who would listen, “I saw fake J Lo today” or “I saw faux Nell Carter.”  You get the point.

Anyramble, I snapped this photo at the Libery Hotel in Boston over Christmas week of someone I called “Faux Miss J” from America’s Next Top Model. Sadly, he saw me taking a picture of him as he walked in, but “happily” I did snap this up for all of us to see and enjoy in this possibly terrible new segment.

SO…I need your help.  In order for this to work you MUST (by law) send me any photos you have of “fauxlebrities” for me to post on this here site.  See how that works?  There’s only so many photos I can snap myself and, well, I’m lazy so I’ll need help.

Email any and all photos to me at: imbringingbloggingack @ yahoo.com (connect it all together) or through Facebook.  Just click on “Contact” up at the top of the site to find me.  Let’s do this together and by “together” I, of course, mean “send it to me and I’ll take all the credit.”  Let’s go!

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