Fantasia's Braces Worked. She's Like the New Jan Brady (similar wig).



I’m about to lose a lot of readers for saying what I’m about to say.  I realize this.  I know this.  I am fine with this.  Ready?  I’d like to take a second to say that Fantasia doesn’t look horrible.  In fact, she actually looks “ok.”  There, I said it.  It feels good.  It’s out there now.  If you recall, Fantasia slapped on some extra-heavy-duty metal braces on her teeth and, well, now her teeth aren’t as insane.  It also looks like she dropped a dress size or 10, which is working for her.

Look, I’m still wouldn’t play “Nookie Nightengale” with Fantasia, but she cleaned herself up a bit…for now. 

Fantasia and her Barney-purple dress was at the Clive Davis Grammy Party along with a bunch of other American Idol kids.  I hope they were asking Clive for money.  I would.

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