Every NBA Game Should Be Like This

Basketball is my favorite sport to play, yet least favorite to watch. Maybe because the Celtics have sucked for a while (although at the time of me writing this I believe we are in first place). Regardless, if we could see more fighting like this, I’d watch more…for sure.

As if you haven’t heard yet, there was a brawl on Sat night between the Nuggets and the Knicks. I mean, any time someone can brawl it out with a New York team, I’m pleased. Anyway, Carmelo Anthony and about 10 other players were tossed out of the game for the fight. Boooo! I say keep them in and give them some type of weapon. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean a gun or knife, more like boxing gloves, or those big foam sticks that they use to use on American Gladiators (great show of yesteryear, by the way). If I could choose one weapon to bring to the b-ball court it would definitely be, hands down, the metal chain with a metal ball at the end that has spikes sticking out of it…similar to what they use to use during medieval times.

Anyway, what a great game! Sure they’ll be fined until the cows come home, but very entertaining nonetheless.

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