Eva Stole Jessica Simpson’s Boobs

Ba-da-ba-ba-ba I’m lovin’ it! Ok, so this is the last blog post I’m doing about the CFDA Awards last night in NYC. But, I had to make the exception with this one since Eva Longoria brought the goods out to the award show. I owe it to her boobs. I owe it to the American Public (tough luck, Canada). I owe it to myself. I’m pretty sure Eva somehow stuffed Jessica Simpson’s boobs down her her shirt. I bet that Ken Paves dude has something to do with this. He’s always with those two and probably stole Jessica’s rack and passed it on to Eva. He’s a tricky hair-cutterist?

Even though Eva’s stomach is as flat as can be, her rack looks huge so I’m sure the “pregnancy rumors” will start flying after today. The next time someone snaps a picture of Eva exhaling they’ll point to her “baby bump.” Adios CFDA Awards. No mas por favor!
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