Eva Longoria’s Supermarket Sweep

There really isn’t much going on with Eva Longoria, but I just wanted to post these recent pictures, as she is hot as hell. I’m also typically in awe when I see celebrities doing “normal things” like unloading groceries as they exit the supermarket, or “supermercado” for all my Spanish speaking fans. For me, it’s kinda the same thing as when I was growing up and I would see the nuns from my school out on a Saturday afternoon eating a hamburger. It always just seemed to strange seeing them outside their “normal” settings. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way comparing Eva Longoria to a nun. Although, I did just get a metal picture of Eva dressed as a nun. You know…the kind that’s a Halloween nun costume that’s all “slutted” up. Ok, I’m done now. Good day.
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