Eva Longoria’s Ass Says, “Hey”

Eva Longoria was doing anything it took to raise money at this weekends “Spike for Hope” charity volleyball tournament….even showing people where they can deposit their donations. I think that is a brilliant idea on her part. I mean if she just put out her hand I’d probably donate like $25.00, but with her ass in the air, I’d probably give a little more. What? I meant a “donation.”

In other non-ass-related Eva Longoria news, it’s been reported that once married, Eva and Tony Parker plan on going the Angelina Jolie route and adopting a kid. Eva recently told “Latina Magazina” that “…we both have big hearts and the finances to do it and we want to be able to provide and environment of love and stability to a child who otherwise wouldn’t have that.”

Ok 2 things. (1) Thanks for rubbing it in….not about having the finances, I just mean having the “heart” and (B) I would consider being adopted if you’re interested in adopting me. I’m a great candidate. I have a job, I can almost tie my shoes, and I’ve cut down wetting my bed to 2 times a week. Technically, I’m a steal.

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