Elton John Says Shut Down the Internet

I typically don’t write about Elton John for no other reason than he’s not Lindsay No Pants, Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx, Britney Spears, etc. I also don’t really like anyone who wears the type of sunglasses that he wears. You know which ones I’m talking about? Yeah those. The same kind that Whoopie Goldberg always seems to wear, which is why I typically don’t write about her either. I discriminate based on sunglasses. Anyway, I couldn’t pass this Elton John conversation up.

According to The Sun, Elton John wants to shut the Internet down for 5 years. Elton has said, “Let’s get out in the streets and march and protest instead of sitting at home and blogging. I do think it would be an incredible experiment to shut down the whole Internet for five years and see what sort of art is produced over that span.”

Uh yeah. Sure. Because there’s a button you can press to shut down the Internet. Let me also clear something up when you say that we should be marching and protesting on the streets instead of sitting home and blogging. If I wasn’t blogging I would just factor that extra time into additional drinking and watching even more TV. Not blogging would not make me want to go out there and make a difference. I’m selfish. I’m self centered. I like to drink. I like TV. That’s me in a nutshell. Oh, I’m also drunk and rude on a regular basis. Pip pip! Good day!

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