The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Right Around the Corner

Because next to Christmas, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the most wonderful time of the year.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Dates, Preview, & Early Access

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Next to Amazon Prime Day, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the best ways to save insane money on some of your favorite things in the world of beauty, fashion (for women and men), home decór, all kinds of kids stuff, and so much more.  And we’re not talking about things that are 10% off (insert eye-roll here), but major sales like 50-75% off (and in some cases, more!).

So what do we know about our favorite event of the year?  Lets break it down:

So When is the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Show Me the Dates!)

It’s officially been announced that the sale dates will take place between Friday, July 20th – Sunday, August 5th 2018.  That’s 17 days of sales.  Bring. It. On. Nordstrom.

What’s Going to Be on Sale?

Uh, almost everything.  Here’s the thing about this event; while it does take place smack dab in the middle of the summer (and you can still get great deals on summer items), it’s also a great preview for the fall.  Typically by August you’re starting to get a little interested in some fall-like things.  We’re not talking full-on pumpkin-spice lattes.  But we’re getting closer.

June Sale

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June Sale Ends Soon!

When Can I Preview the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog?

Since there are literally thousands of major things on sale during this event, the catalog usually leaks up to 3-4 weeks before the actual sale starts.  We say ‘leaks’ but we think it’s a pretty strategic way to promote the sale and garner some additional excitement and buzz.  Basically, we’re grateful for it.  The 2018 catalog will show you some of the most anticipated sale items so you can start to get ready, but they won’t be live on the site yet.  We recommend bookmarking this page (do people still do that?!) because we’ll be breaking news here, updating sales, and giving you all the sneak peeks we can!

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How Can I Get Early Access to the Anniversary Sale?  Help!

Getting early access is pretty easy, but there’s one catch.  You got to have a Nordstrom credit card.  Oh come on, that’s not the worst!  Just pay your bill off when you get it like you would your normal credit card.  What’s pretty great about this is that as a card member you’ll get early access to the sale before the rest of the public does.  And here’s the thing, you may think that’s not the biggest deal but, trust us, things are going to go out of stock and out of stock quickly!  And this isn’t just items that were already on sale or not a big deal, these include brand new items that were just released and had their new prices majorly slashed. After the Anniversary Sale is over, if the items are still in stock, they’re sold back at their full regular price. Womp, womp.  So get them while you can!

Are There Any Super-Secret Sales Going On?

Well sort of.  Outside of just having your Nordstrom card to gain early access into the sale, if you’re a Level 4 Nordstrom Card-Member (which almost sounds like you’re on some sort of ‘no-fly’ list) you’re able to gain even earlier access to the sale and are allowed to shop one day before the official Early Access sale starts.  Make sense?  Basically become a Level 4.

What Does It Take to Become a Level 4 Card Member?

Money. Money. Money.  If you wanted super early access to the sale and want to go the Level 4 route, you need to have spent $10,000 or more.  If your jaw dropped (as did ours) we feel your pain.  But here’s the thing, if you bought some jewelry or furniture or rugs, you may totally pass that $10K.  Or maybe you’re just rich (good for you!) and $10K in a year is no big thing. If that’s the case, call us!

And, well, as you’re waiting for this amazing sale (the countdown is ON!) check out some other cool ways to save at Nordstrom right now!

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