The 2018 Annual Amazon Prime Day Shopping Event is Happening!

Move over Black Friday and Cyber Monday because there’s a new one day sale that is crushing all the rest.  Welcome back Amazon Prime Day!  We’ve been waiting for you!

Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 Deals & Sales - When is 2018 Prime Day

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If there’s one day a year where we can, literally, get the most insane deals and sales it’s got to be the Amazon Prime Day annual event.  And this July 2018 will be no different.  While details are always kept 100% under wraps, we’re here to help you get the absolute most you can out of Prime Day.  Everything under the sun is likely to be on sale and, well, it can be way too overwhelming to pick through thousands of deals.  That’s where we come in handy.  Here’s everything we know, so far, about this spectacular day.  We can hardly wait!

Which Day is Amazon Prime Day Going to Be in 2018  (Date Me!)

This is always the million dollar question.  Historically over the past few years, Prime Day has taken place on a Tuesday.  That much we know for sure.  Last year it took place on Tuesday, July 11th.  7/11.  Catchy!  This year our best guess is that it’ll either take place on Tuesday July 10th or Tuesday July 17th.  According to these rumors, we may be looking at July 17th with early access around mid-afternoon on July 16th.  But bookmark this page (you know, assuming anyone still does that) because we’ll give you the official word once Amazon (themselves) publicly announces it.  Stay tuned!

Up to 50% Off

Amazon Prime Day Early Access Sneak Peek!

Breaking News: Amazon Prime Day officially starts at 3pm on July 16th and continues through to July 17th at midnight. Click here to see a little sneak peek of some major sales taking place and plan your shopping strategy accordingly! More Less

July Sale Ends Soon!


What Will  the Best Deals Be?  Hook Us Up!

In a word, everything.  For real.  From garden hoses to bluetooth speakers and washing machines to the latest sneakers you’re likely to save at least something on this coveted day.  We do love all things Amazon, especially their own product lines and, well, they love them too!  They’ll typically run a deal or discount on a lot of their own products and subscription services first and foremost.  It’s a great way to save on your Prime Subscription or Alexa enabled device.  Last year we got a 2nd generation Echo for only $49.  For real, it’s pretty great.  These are the pages you’ll want to also bookmark to check for savings on Prime Day, but most importantly the days leading up to Prime Day:

Can I Get Early Access or a Preview to Prime Day?

Not really.  Well, sort of.  A little.  Stop pressuring us!  Here’s the deal, no matter what you’ve heard, Amazon hasn’t officially released anything yet (at the time we wrote this article).  If we wanted to go the rumor route, we’d say you could potentially start shopping early on July 16th around noon.  But, they typically ramp up days (if not weeks) prior to the big day wth pre-sale deals.  For example, maybe beforehand you can save 10-20% and then once the official sale starts you could save 30% and more.  Details are a bit foggy right now, but in the meantime check this out to stay on top of things!

The 5 Best Ways to Save on Prime Day (and What Should I Be Prepared For)?

From our experience over the years, the deals go quickly!  We’re talking out of stock and ‘adios’ status.  So you definitely want to make sure you’re prepared and fully loaded (and we don’t mean ‘drunk’ but you do you, boo) to take advantage of the most sales and deals possible. Here’s everything we recommend you to do get 100% ready.  Ready?  Go:

1.  Get a FREE 30-Day Prime Trial to Make Sure You’re Eligible to Take Part in the Sale:

You don’t realize how many people aren’t aware that you actually need to be a Prime Member to gain entry into Prime Day and get those crazy sale prices.  At this point we think everyone already has their Prime Membership, but in case you don’t you’ll want to sign up.  We recommend keeping it for the full year because, let’s be honest, we all order from Amazon almost every day so you’ll love the free 2-day shipping and exclusive prices, deals, and more.  However, if you don’t feel like it you could always sign up for the free trial and then cancel your membership after.  But, I mean, come on.  You’ll 100% want to keep it.

2.  Get $10 to Put Towards Your Purchases With the Amazon App (and Your First Login):

This is a great option to save some money and get some extra money too!  When you download the Amazon app you’ll be eligible for $10 added to your account when you sign-in for the first time.  What’s even better (or almost better) is that once you’re in the app you can add products and deals to your watchlist and get alerts on what’ll be on sale 1 day before it actually starts.  Pretty sweet!  Get the app here.

3.  Just Ask Alexa to Help You.  No, Really.

If you don’t feel like browsing the depths of Amazon to see what all the sales are, just ask Alexa.  You do have Alexa, don’t you?  If not, no shame in your game!  You can get her here.  Once she’s set up all you have to do is turn her own and simply say, “Alexa, what are my deals?”  Worst case scenario, you can browse through the most recent deals here.

4.  Quickly Sign Up for an Amazon Credit Card and Get Anywhere Between 5% – 20% in Cash Back!

So who the heck wants another credit card?  Certainly not us.  However, we’re not hating on the idea of apply and (fingers crossed) getting accepted for the Amazon Prime Credit Card because we’ll just order what we want on it and then pay it totally off by the time the bill comes.  For real, if you don’t pay off the full balance don’t even bother with it.  If you do use it, you’ll get 5% back on each purchase any day of the week.  For Prime Day you’ll be eligible for up to 15% cash back.  It’s a great way to save even more on those must-have deals.   Find out more about the card here.

5.  Know That a Television and Other Electronics Will Most Likely Have the Best Sale Prices:

You can typically save the most on major purchases like 4K TVs, laptops, wireless speakers, small-to-large appliances and so much more.  Bookmark these pages so you can immediately get to them when it’s time!

Here are some killer deals going on right now:

Up to 25%

Amazon Top Promos & Coupons for July 2018

We love how Amazon has finally got into the coupon code game! And we, of course, love and buy all things from Amazon, right? Today you can save upwards of 25% on thousands of products from beauty to electronics, toys, pet supplies, sporting gear, and so much more! More Less

July Sale Ends Soon!


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