Dude, Why'd You Throw Donna Martin Down the Stairs?

And the Christmas gifts just keep on coming. They. Keep. On. Coming.

I was doing a little bloggy blogging with VH1 on in the background and all of a sudden I hear someone say, “And this guy comes up to me and was like ‘Why’d you throw Donna down the stairs?'” I looked up and assumed I was dreaming. There is no way that there is someone else out there who is as obsessed with the episode of 90210 where Ray Pruit tosses Donna Martin down the stairs more than me?

Well low and behold, it was actually Ray Pruit saying this. Apparently his real name is Jamie Walters and he’s on a new reality show called “Confessions of a Teen Idol” in which all these old teen idols try to get back into the spotlight. Whatever.

Jamie Walters was all pissed off, I guess, that randoms on the street would go up to him and ask him why he threw Donna Martin down the stairs. I was like, really? I would have thanked him for doing it and see if he would be willing to recreate the scene with me in a blond wig.

So, between 90210 back on the air, talks of Tori Spelling renegotiating to get back into the new 90210, and now Jamie Walters in this reality show, I really think we have a fair shot of seeing these two making another love connection and then, of course, ending with an older Donna Martin getting flung down the stairs.

I’ll work on Mrs Teasley next.


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