Drunken Fan Mail is the Best to Receive!

Everyone once in a blue moon I’ll get a letter from a “fan” of the site. It make me feel good inside as I am in constant need of attention and validation. Those are great qualities to have, so I’m glad I possess them. Below is a drunken email from Devlyn (which I’m assuming is a made up name?) and asked that I simply copy-and-paste the message into my blog. Uh, first off don’t boss me Dev and second stop using fancy computer terminology like “copy” and “paste” as it confuses me and required me to hold scissors and glue whilst I type my ass off. Anyway, here’s the letter. Oh wait, and it would have been nice to send a picture of you and your craptastic co-workers holding up an IBBB sign or something. So, basically, thanks for nothing. Ok, here’s the letter:

Omg! Ur the most awesome thing at work since the $1.00 chips that we can buy/afford at the company vending machine. We totally make an effort to screw off at work just to read ur fukin’ blog. Ur our fuckin’ J.C!!! We actually made a whole event out of ditching work just to download all of the episodes of failed model actress chick videos w/ that chef bastard. our ultimate life goal is to quit work, backpack to N.Y (f.y.I who does that? its not fuckin’ Europe!!) somehow find ur ass and beg u to give us jobs writing for the blog! Is that remotely possible?! Cause if its some what possible we will like u to at least give us subliminal messages through ur blog. kind of like f.m.a.c (failed-model–actress-chick) gives u through the cooking show. Oh and tell ur friend (u know that one that does the antm recaps) that Tyra said that she DOES actually want to be on top! Cause she wouldn’t have it any other way. she don’t smile with her eyes all that often. So anyway… xoxo.(yes I put xoxo, I also think that that is the stupidest shit that u could ever end a message with).

P.S. Feel free to mention this drunk message in the March blog. If anything copy and paste!!!

Thanks for the letter Dev and crew. Now please work on your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If it’s one thing I won’t tolerate it’s missed periods. Wait.
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