Does Play-Doh’s ‘Touch Shape to Life Studio’ Really Work?

We’ve put it to the test and here’s the real deal.

Review of Play Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio 2017 - Does Touch Shape to Life App Studio Work 2018

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It’s been a tough sell for anything and everything “touch shape to life” these days.  Many have tried it and many have failed. Play-Doh threw their little Play-Doh’y hat into the ring earlier this year and, so far, it’s already one of the must-have’s and best-sellers in its category on Amazon right now.  But first, let’s get into exactly what the Touch Shape to Life Studio actually does.

Since everything old is new again, it was time to bring Play-Doh into the future by allowing kids to make their very own Play-Doh characters with their very own personalities and toss them into a virtual world (where kids prefer to play anyway…ugh). First, your kiddos will use the Play-Doh Action Stamper to create their own actual real-life Play-Doh creations (just like the old days!).  It comes with 5 digital action stampers, but kids can also make their very own unique creations outside of the stamper. Remember all the fun you have when you had to guess what their little “work of art” actually is?  Bring it!

Next up, you download the Play-Doh touch app, simply place their actual creation on the studio, and then use their smartphone or tablet to scan it onto the app.  Pretty easy.  It’s kind of like when you deposit a check into your bank account by taking a picture of it.  Simple.

Once they done downloading, uploading, lathering, rinsing and repeating they can play in their new fun and colorful virtual app world right on their device (or your device that they always beg you for).  They can even add fun effects with the action stampers to make their unique characters fly, float, spin, dance, and more.  The more they create the more fun their virtual world becomes.  Trust us, they’ll become addicted just like they were with Minecraft.  #SimplerTimes

So what’s the verdict on this one?  Does it actually work?  They answer is “yes” and “yes.”  Like with anything new like this, it’s going to take a little time and a little experimenting to figure things out.  You may have to help them a bit with it at first, but once the first creation is made they’ll be pretty good to go on their own after that.  What parents have been loving the best is that even though this is used via an app, most of their kids were using their imagination, creating something with their hands, and not on their computer or tablet playing mindless games forever.  This one gets them thinking!

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It includes the Shape to Life studio, 5 digital character stampers, 5 digital action stampers, 4 tools, 15 cutters, and 7 cans of Play-Doh.

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