DJ Tanner is Making a Comeback!

Yeah! Donna-Jo Tanner! Ow Ow! DJ is totally making some sort of comeback and I couldn’t be more psyched. I’m writing my letter to Santa asking that Candace Cameron gets to play Aunt Becky’s daughter in the new 90210. What? Crazier things have happened. Anytanner, Candace Cameron was at the 2008 ESPY Awards Giant event the other day.

Damn. DJ is looking pretty good. She’s come a long way from when she was all nervous about making friends at middle school and taking her lunch tray into the school phone booth and calling the “time and temperature”lady because she had no friends. Where was Kimmy Gibbler at a time like that? That’s what I want to know! DJ was having a hard enough time dealing with having those “chipmunk cheeks” as she put it. Hasn’t she suffered enough? What the hell am I talking about again? What’s the topic? I’m done.

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