Did Kim Zolciak Get a Nose Job and No One Told Me? Thanks For Nothing.



Kelly Cutrone gives the side-eye and I get emails.  Bindi Irwin gives a thumbs up and my email is flooded.  But Kim Zolciak performs “Tardy for the Party” on Ellen the other day and looks a bit “different” and not one email, comment, or note.  Thanks for nothing.  Fine I forgive you.

I can’t seem to figure out if Kim has gone the Heidi Montag career route and bought herself a new nose or if she filed down her chin in a similar way that Audrina removed some “tooth” from her mouf.  Either way, Kim look’s A-OK and if she did get some work done I say good for her and more power to her!  I say everyone should fix what they don’t like about themselves and just keep at it until you have an entirely new head.  I’d shoot for Guy Smiley, of course, or the father from “Family Matters.”  Whatever is easier for the doctors to do.

Special shout out to Kim’s “back up dancers” whom I think just happen to work on the Ellen show backstage and agreed to follow Kim around as she “sang” and looked at them awkwardly.  This, clearly, was very reminiscent of the Beyonce/Single Ladies video. 

In closing, my favorite parts of any of Kim’s “performances” is when she sings “…until I see daylight” and she somehow develops a Jamaican accent and also when she sings “forget about work and the stress of the week” as it sounds like she’s allowed a stray cat to sing lead vocals on that part.  Bravo, Kim, bravo!  Literally.


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