Did Colin Farrell Catch the Anorexia?

Nicole Richie better step it up on the treadmill because these recent photos of Colin Farrell running on the beach are showing him close to her pre-pregnancy weight. Colin is in the process of filming his upcoming movie, Triage, in which he plays a war reporter in 1990’s Bosnia. Sounds riveting and by “riveting” I really mean “suck bag.”

Colin insists that he’s lost the weight to make his character more authentic and has done it in a very healthy way. I guess coke is healthy, but I thought I read somewhere that it’s addicted. Meth worked best for Jodie Sweetin. I would try a mix between Meth and laxatives. I’d like to tweak out while I’m performing explosive diarrhea on the toilet. Now where was I? Oh yes.

So just a helpful suggestion for Kirstie Alley, Raven Simone, Queen Latifah, John Goodman, and Kim Kardashian’s ass: You guys should totally sign up to do one of those Bosnian war movies. Right?
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