Dear Enrique Iglesias, You’re Bald

Dear Enrique Iglesias,
You are bald. Well, you’re starting to bald. Did you know that? I think you did. It’s ok. However, if doesn’t mean that you need to wear a hat all the time. That’s a dead give-away. We remember when you started to lose your hair. We could just tell. The “hat” was a dead give-away. The only thing that would have been more obvious would have been if you were photographed rubbing Rogaine into your hair. And, that would have been ok, but I just feel like you’re trying to hide it. I mean, at least wear a fright-wig or something. You know what works too? You could always spray that “spray-paint” stuff in your hair that they sell. Best wishes.
Anyway, Enrique was at the “TRL” studios that all the kids are wild about. I think he’s done a remix of “Bailamos.” I’m not entirely sure though.
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