Dear Brooke Hogan, Just a Reminder that You are Brooke Hogan




Ah what an absolute delight Brooke Hogan is.  The show that I work on was kindly invited to Harrah’s in Atlantic City for the weekend for Brooke Hogan’s 21st birthday.  I thought Brooke turned 21 15 years ago, but apparently not.  The people of Harrah’s hooked us up big time, which was great but Brooke and/or her people decided not to speak to us at all.  In fact she wouldn’t speak with anyone.  In fact, even though she she was in the VIP section directly next to ours she wouldn’t even look at us.  In fact, she looked away when I left our VIP section and stood in front of her VIP section and just waved…and waved….and waved.  She would glance up and then look back down.  I kept waving, similar to the way those mechanical mannequins wave during the Christmas season.  I put my drink and phone down at one point so that I could strictly focus on the waving process.  Brooke was too busy texting on her phone for the full two hours and stuffing her fat ass with chicken caesar salad. 

In the end Brooke was basically paid a shit-ton of money to take a couple of pictures by herself, sit in her own VIP room and not talk to anyone or look at anyone for 2 hours.  Clearly, she is deserving of this money and will in no way be burning in hell for being worthless garbage.  On a positive note, Brooke actually looked surprisingly smaller in person.  However even though she looked smaller we all still new she was hiding a set of testicles in her dress.  I’m sure she untaped them from her leg once she got back to her suite.

Happy 21st, Brooke!  Please remember, though, that you are indeed Brooke Hogan and that is punishment enough.

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