David Silver in Airport Spinoff

With all the hoopla around Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, and some of the other 90210 alumni making the news lately it’s nice to see our good old boy, David Silver, alive and kicking. He and his hot skank-bag girlfriend, Megan Fox, were snapped up as David picked up Megan at the Burbank airport. Burbank, huh. LAX too expensive to fly into? Come on, there’s got to be some extra 90210 money kicking around.

I wonder if David Silver is still trying to get his rap career off the ground? If I were Megan Fox I’d watch out. If history repeats itself, David will end up banging a talent scout in the back of her limo all whilst Donna taps on the limo window wondering where David is. If she really wanted to get into that limo she should have used her jacked up face to break the window. Oh snap. I just gave it to Donna good with my 2nd grade joke. Seriously, there is no news to report with these two, but any time I can spew out random memories of 90210 yesteryear, then I’m happy….and I know it….so I’ll clap my hands.
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