Crap. Now Why Would Heidi Klum Get Suri Cruise’s Hairdo?


Breaking:  Heidi Klum got a new haircut and I can’t quite tell if she held up a picture of Suri Cruise to the hairdresser (do people still call them that?) or Dora the Explorer.  Personally I’d like it if Boots dry-humped her head, but that’s just me.  Maybe you have your own ideas of what Boots can do to her.  We’re equal opportunity lenders around the offices of IBBB.

Anymomhair, Heidi was caught leaving a photo shoot in sunny LA yesterday when the paparazzi jumped out of a tree and took about 200 photos of her trying to get her to look bad which, clearly, will pretty much never happen.  As a sidenote, I don’t think people discuss enough how she ended up with Seal.  Really?  Seal?  I guess.  I just always pictured her with someone more like Bob Sagat or the guy who played Squiggy on Laverne and Shirley.  Oh well, how does that old saying go?  Oh yeah, “I’m an idiot.”

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