Crap! I Just Got Trumped By Rachel Platt and Harriet Carter!

What a world we live in. I try to sellout big time and eventually get myself into the Harriet Carter catalog and my favorite Harriet Carter model, Rachel Pratt (also known as “Failure Model Chick) just trumped my recent success and stars in her own online 2-minute cooking show.

Someone left me this in my comment section, but never left their name so thanks “anonymous” for the tip. After further investigation I found all of Rachel’s cooking segments. Now I always thought she could only model pig hats, neck braces, and oversized blankets, but obviously she has proved me wrong. I’m still not changing her nickname though.

Check out Failure Model Chick teaching us how to make a panini. She mentions that when she goes out to buy one it costs thousands of dollars and she has to put in on her American Express card. New York is pretty expensive, but I don’t think there’s a sandwich out there that costs thousands of dollars. Let’s just stick to the fact, Rachel, shall we? Here’s a quick recap (with fancy bullet points) of other things Rachel did:

  • When the “chef” shows her bread she actually asks, “what is it?” This is why she was stuck in a Harriet Carter catalog for so long.
  • Clearly a booze hound (awesome), Rachel takes a swig of wine. Hot.
  • She asks to smell the bread and then says, “Ok” after she smells it. Ok, it’s bread….and such as.
  • Rachel constantly says “Ok” in this episode basically every time the “chef” says something
  • I think I almost see tears in her eyes when he talks about a pesto mayonnaise and Rachel kind of yells out all frustrated, “Ok, but how do you do that!” Uh oh….p-s-y-c-h-o!
  • I am literally crying laughing watching this.
  • Rachel then asks if you can make the panini on a regular grill or just “use anything.” Yes, Rachel, just use anything. Make your panini in your washing machine.
  • I think that little minx is flirting. She better not be cheating on me.
  • Rachel never eats the damn sandwich because it’s too hot. I don’t see any steam coming from it. Failure Model Chick is a liar.

Ok, so this may be some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen. Hell, if they keep coming out with episodes I may keep recapping them. Watch out for 2 Minute Recaps from IBBB!

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