Courtney Cox, I Have a Few Questions for You…

Courtney Cox was out at night the other….night(?) and those tricky paparazzi-Nazis caught every step she took. I, of course, have a few questions for her and would have shouted them out if I were taking these photos of her:

Courtney! Are the “Friends” really friends?

Courtney! Is there going to be a Friends reunion?

Courtney! Are you walking to a Friends reunion right now?

Courtney! Is that a penis in your tight jeans?

Courtney! I said a penis!

Courtney! Why is that cell phone clipped onto your belt buckle like you’re a business man from 1999?

Courtney! Are those veins in your hands popping because you’re excited about a Friends reunion?

Courtney! Where’s Phebe’s?

Courtney! Courtney!

End scene.

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