Hands On: The 5 Immersion Blenders That Made Us Toss Our Hand Mixer in the Trash

Because you don’t always want to drag out the actual blender.  Sometimes the right immersion blender can totally do the trick.

Best Hand Blenders 2018 - Top Immersion Blender Sets for Smoothies

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If you’re looking to make frozen drinks by the gallon, a traditional blender is probably you’re best bet.  However, if it’s not party-central at all times at your home and you just want to make a quick smoothie for 1 or 2 people then it’s time to go with a hand blender.  First things first, hand blenders and immersion blenders are the same thing. You say tomato and I say tom-ah-to.  Most can make smoothies and crush ice, but thanks to some of our favorite brands coming out with useful attachments now many of these same hand blenders can whip up some eggs, help you create your own special ‘secret sauce’ mayonnaise, craft your own healthy salad dressing, get a wholesome soup ready and so much more.  Some can even chop, so making things like homemade guac or salsa really is a breeze.  Ole!  Shop our picks for some of the best immersion blenders (so far) in 2018.  And check out the colors on these beauties!

1.  Best Selling Immersion Blender of  2018:  Bella Hand Blender with Attachment Whisk in Red – Buy It Here

Best Immersion Blender 2018: Bella Red Hand Blender With Whisk

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This pretty little number is currently the best selling immersion hand blender on Amazon right now.  If you’re looking to quickly make smoothies, soup, mayo, salsa and more then this is the perfect pick for you.  Outside of it being a sleek AF red, we loved that it also came with an easy to use whisk attachment so we could beat up eggs, make the sickest meringue ever, and even make our own mayo (hello chipotle flavor!).  The blending stick itself is 6-inches long so it works perfectly in deep pots, bowls, and tall glasses.  Plus, all the attachments can be tossed in the dishwasher for quick and safe cleaning.

2.  The Cutest Hand Blender of the Year:  Cuisinart Smart-Stick Immersion Blender in Pink – Buy It HereBest Immersion Blender 2018: Cuisinart Hand Blender in Pink
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You really can’t go wrong with anything Cuisinart.  They’ve been around forever and have really upped their game in the style department lately.  First off, how hot is this pink hand blender? Choose two different speeds to make blending almost anything easy as can be.  The motor is a powerful 200-watts so feel free to toss some of our older mixers out.  This one will totally do the job.  The blender grip is ergonomically designed so it’s way more comfortable to hold and use than the immersion blenders of yesteryear.  Plus it’ll give you way more control.  The blender shaft is dishwasher safe so just toss that piece in and move right along with your day.  Personally, we think the pink color is dope AF, but if you’re not ready to take the plunge, they also come in a bunch of other cool color options too like red, champagne, sapphire, white, pearl, and chocolate cherry.  So many delicious choices!

3.  Best Hand Blender That Offers So Much More:   OXA 4-in-1 Immersion Blender Set – Buy It Here
Best Immersion Blender 2018: Oxa 4 in 1 Hand Blender
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If you need your hand blender to kick it up a notch, this set is perfect.  It’s a 4-in-1 immersion blender and so much more.  Of course it’ll make your favorite smoothies and drinks, but thanks to the mini food processor bowl you can now make guac, super chunky salsa, cauliflower rice, pesto sauce, and more.  It even comes with a whisk attachment so making eggs is a total breeze.  We also loved that it was dishwasher safe (because we hate washing by hand) and it’s BPA free so it got our safety vote.  Plus, at the time of this review it received 4.7 out of 5 stars from customers on Amazon.  And the price is totally right!

 4.  Best Top-of-the-Line Hand Blender:   Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender in Black – Buy It Here
Best Immersion Blender 2018: Breville Control Grip Hand Blender
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We don’t want to call this a ‘luxury’ hand blender but, well, it really is.  A bit on the pricer side, but totally worth it.  This Breville Control Grip has an ergonomically designed handle that makes using it comfortable (and easy).  Plus, it comes with a 3-cup chopping bowl, a 42 ounce extra-large jug, and a cool whisk attachment.  The chopping bowl has stainless steel blades that are perfect for cheeses, herbs, nuts, and more.  The measuring extra large jug is perfect for storing those killer smoothies (or alcoholic drinks) you made. We haven’t even begun to use this blender for all the amazing things it can do!

5.  Best for 3-Speed Options:  KitchenAid Silver Hand Blender – Buy It Here
Best Immersion Blender 2018: KitchenAid 3 Speed Hand Blender

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Get ready to make the best desserts and drinks ever with the latest from KitchenAid.  We loved the chopper attachment so we could process those pesky hard cheeses and nuts.  Plus, it totally killed it in crushing graham crackers so we could make a perfect pie crust.  It also comes with a whisk attachment and a removable pan guard.  The only thing we were a little bummed about was that it didn’t come in all those popular colors that KitchenAid stand mixers are known for.  Don’t get us a wrong, the silver is sleek but were hoping to see this one in light blue, pink, or pastel green.  Fingers crossed for the future!

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