Conan O’Brien’s Boston Priest Stalker!

First the New Kids on the Block reunite, then it’s opening day with the Red Sox, and now Conan O’Brien’s stalker priest from just north of Boston has plead guilty to obsessive lurking (I’m not sure if that’s the legal term). Ahhh, it’s a proud day to be a Bostonian!

Father David Ajemmian has admitted to being a crazy stalker and then plead guilty on 2 counts of disorderly conduct. Wait, nothing about child molestation? Things are looking up, Catholic Church! The judge in this case (not Jesus) has provided 2-years of protection for Conan from this priest. Yowza! Watch out when those 2-years are up!

Look, I’m sure most priests are nice guys, just not ones from Boston. They’re either molesting kids and being moved from parish to parish or, now, they’re stalkers. This is why I’m going on a strict policy of “I’m Only Using Priests for One Thing Going Forward…..Exorcisms.” You can follow this policy too and call it “IOUPFOTGFE” for short.

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