When Your Hatchimal Changes Eye Color What the Heck Does that Mean?!

Because, like you, we’re a bit freaked out and pretty much want to know exactly what’s going on in the little Hatchimal mind. Here’s what we found.

What Does Hatchimals Eye Color Mean - Meaning of Changing Eye Colors on Hatchimal 2017 - 2018

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So your kid finally got their Hatchimal and finally got the thing to hatch.  It took their hands, their love, their patience, and maybe a little of their anger to rip the creature right from its shell.  Either way, they’re free!  And then they started to care for them, love them, and get them to graduate to their various growth stages (new born, baby, toddler, and kid) and along the way their Hatchimal unlocked all sorts of surprises.  And then, uh, their eyes started to change color.  For real, they did.  So what does it all mean?  And what is it really trying to tell you?  If you’re lost and want a little cheat sheet, read on.

1.  Dark Blue Eyes Means:  I Am Scared

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Dark Blue = I am Scared

2.  Green Eyes Means:  I am Sick

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Green = I am Sick

3.  Light Blue Eyes Means:  I am Cold

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Light Blue = I am Cold

4.  Orange Eyes Means:  I Need to Burp

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Orange = Needs to Burp

5.  Pink Eyes Means:  I Need to Cuddle

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Pink = Needs to Cuddle

6.  Red Eyes Means:  I am Upset

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Red = Upset

7.  Teal Eyes Means: I’m Learning to Talk

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Teal = Learning to Talk

8.  White Eyes Means:  I’m Going to Sleep

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: White = Going to Sleep

9.  Yellow Eyes Means:  I’m Exploring

Hatchimal Eye Color Meaning: Yellow = Exploring

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