13 Ways to Gift Your Recent Graduate During the Upcoming Graduation Season

It’s officially graduation season and, well, you’re already out of gift ideas.  Take a look below and we’ll solve your grad gift dilemma in under 2 minutes.

Best Graduation Gifts 2018 - Unique High School & College Gift Ideas for Graduation 2019

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There’s nothing worse than a lame graduation gift.  Anything that says “Glad to Be Grad” on it should really be tossed into a hole and buried forever.  Nobody wants that, well, except balloons.  In a world where students pretty much already have everything that they want it can be super tough to figure out something meaningful that they’ll not only love, but actually use as well.  Whether you’re shopping for a recent high school graduate or the college graduate we’ve come up with a bunch of gift ideas that range from the traditional, inspirational, useful, and actually fun.  It’s time to think differently, get creative, grab your gift, and just move on.  Check out our picks for some of the best gifts for graduation (so far) in 2018.

For the Recent Graduate:  ‘The Path’ Necklace Graduation Gift – Buy It Here

Best Graduation Gifts 2018: The Path Necklace

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Because it’s great way for them to stay inspired even after graduation.  This sterling silver necklace is symbolic of the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote “Do not go where the path my lead.  Go instead where there is not path and leave a trail.”  Important words to live by.

The High School Graduation Gift:  The ‘Homesick’ State Candle – Buy It Here

Best Graduation Gifts 2018: High School Grad Gift Homesick Candle 2019

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Because whether it’s their high school graduation and they’re heading off to college or they’re just moving out the odds are that they’re going to be homesick.  This ‘homesick’ candle smells great and you can choose the state you want placed on the candle itself.  It’ll help keep them calm and remind them of you and their home.

The Tech Obsessed Graduation Gift:  The New Echo Spot – Buy It Here

Cool Gifts for Graduation 2018: Amazon Echo Spot

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Because your recent graduate will love that the latest from Amazon can fit pretty much anywhere in their dorm or apartment and you’ll love that you can have face-to-face calls with them! Oh, they’ll also get to watch video flash briefings, see music lyrics, weather forecasts, recipes, shopping lists, and way more!

The High-School or College Graduation Gift:  The ‘My Story So Far’ Journal – Buy It Here

Best Graduation Gifts 2018: My Story So Far Journal 2019

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Because they may still seem young to you, but they’ve already lived quite the life and should really start documenting it.  They’ll love looking back years down road and seeing just how far they’ve come.

The Graduation Gift for Her:  The ‘She Believed She Could, So She Did’ Framed Wall Art – Buy It Here

Best Graduation Gifts 2018: She Believed She Could Print 2019

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Because she still needs that motivating kick every now and then.  This block wall art will look prefect in her new dorm room, apartment, or anywhere really.

The On-Trend High School Grad Gift:  The Herschel Supply & Co Palm Leaves Backpack – Buy It Here

Best Graduation Gifts 2018: Herschel Trendy Backpack for High School Graduation 2019

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Because they still want to look dope AF when heading to their next set of classes  This one is super affordably priced too.

The Must-Have Grad Gift:  The Microwave Popcorn Popper – Buy It Here

Best Graduation Gifts 2018: Microwave Popcorn Popper 2019

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Because they can now pop their own popcorn right in their microwave any time they want, which makes it somewhat healthy.  Score!  However, if they’re throwing health out the window (good for them!) this one also comes with an optional butter melter right on top.  Mmmm butter!

The Monthly Subscription Graduation Gift Birchbox Monthly Beauty or Gromming Box – Buy It Here


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Because they’ll love getting something new delivered to them each and every month.  Depending on your selection they’ll either get the latest beauty products to try for girls or the latest grooming and skincare stuff for guys.  A real win-win month after month.

For the Grad Who’s Leaving Home:  The Super Comfy Waffle Duvet Bedding Set – Buy It Here
Grad Gift 2018: Bedding Duvet Set 2019

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Because, let’s be honest, they could use the comfiest bedding set whether they’re moving into the dorm or into their own place.  This set comes with the duvet and two pillow shams!

The LuMee Duo LED Light Up iPhone Case – Buy It Here 

Cheap Graduation Gift Idea: LuMee Light Up Selfie Phone Case 2018 - 2019


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Because now they can take their best selfies ever.  This iPhone case lights up with LED lighting so you always look your best.

Fire TV Stick Streaming Media Player – Buy It Here
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Because now they can binge watch all those shows they’ve been talking to you about instead of, you know, actually heading to class.  Fine, on the weekends.

The Hello Fresh Food Subscription Boxes – Buy It Here

Hello Fresh Cooking Gift Idea for Graduation 2018 - 2019


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Because if they’re now going to have to cook for themselves after graduation they could probably use a little help.  They can choose from what type of food they like to eat and how often you want your food box delivered (3 days, 4 days, or 5 days).  All the ingredients show up in this perfectly packed box and stay at the perfect temperature until you’re home to store things in your refrigerator.

The New Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Check Price

Graduation Gift Ideas: Bose Wireless Speaker 2018 - 2019

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Because they should be listening to their favorite tunes on something else besides their phone.  Plus, this is the perfect party companion. This portable wireless speaker provides 360-degree coverage, is water resistant, and can wirelessly play up to 16-hours of music on a full charge.   Happy graduation party!