Coke Makes Kate Moss Strong & Push Car

Who says that coke is bad for you? Clearly it makes you as strong as Superman! However kids, don’t try that at home. See how mature and responsible I’m getting? Kate Moss was helping out a friend whose car was stuck in the mud in the middle of some random field. I’m not too sure of a couple of things with this situation. First, why the hell were they in the middle of a random field? Second, how much of a pussy is that dude? He sits in the car and has clearly given up while Kate pushes her bony ass off. Third, how come the jackasses snapping photos at this clown-crew didn’t give them a hand? Even in LA the paparazzi pool their money together to go out and get Paris Hilton a gallon of gas. Geesh! The British! No wonder why we left that country a million years ago. Just joking, I heart the British, just not the people.
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