Clay Aiken + Airplane = Bitch Fight

Uh-oh, the friendly skies just got a little sassier. Clay Aiken allegedly got into a bit of an altercation on Saturday while Clay was flying to Tulsa Oklahoma. This little fight took place between Clay and some lady because his foot was resting on her armrest and supposedly the lady gave Clay a “minor shove” during the bitch-fight. I’m also assuming there were a lot of instances of the word “girl!” used and multiple “z-snaps” took place. The crew of the airliner were able to remedy this horrific situation (insert sarcasm) and no arrests were made or charges filed.

While Clay began to perform at his concert in Tulsa he told the audience that he was beaten up by a girl earlier in the day. True story. I’m sure the audience was not the least bit phased. No word if the woman will be charged with a hate crime.

Who Said That?!?

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