Cindy Crawford Has Yet to Age

Cindy Crawford may be 42, but she looks fresher than Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears combined….and mathematically has less freckles. Cindy was leaving Good Morning America after she was a guest the other day. No joke, I don’t think that Cindy has aged since she was like 27. I don’t even care if people say she’s had work done to her face. If she has, this is the kind of work that everyone should have done. No really, I mean everyone. So get out there on the streets of your hometown and take your favorite homeless beggar to the plastic surgeon and tell the doctor that you want them to look like this picture of Cindy Crawford. Not only will the world be a better place if everyone looked like her, but I’m pretty sure it would end the homeless problem, stop the terror attacks, reverse global warming, and remove allergies from our planet earth. See, IBBB can help solve all the worlds problems and it all stems from my shallow mentality. You’re welcome.
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