Christina Aguilera With Child?

It wouldn’t be a week in the celebrity news world without someone claiming that some celebrity is “with child.” This time around the rumor is that Christina Aguoejrksadakasera is knocked the hell up. Allegedly Christina and her husband were at Beverly Hills kids boutique, Bellini, where she spent about $3,000 in baby crap. According to one of the workers at Bellini who helped out Christina, the couple told the worker that they didn’t know what they were having and that they took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. Seriously, Christina will find any excuse just to pee on something.

Christina’s spokeswoman said, “She [Christina] said it is not true and she wasn’t in Bellini.”
Ok, so I have three things:
  1. Is anyone really a “spokeswoman” anymore? Wasn’t that just a category they had in the old Star Search?
  2. Where are the security tapes from this transaction? Won’t those prove things?
  3. This Bellini worker is completely getting fired.

Who’s With Child!?!

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