Christina Aguilera is My Actual Nana

My Nana was pissed when Lindsay Lohan stole her shorts a few months ago. Well, my Nana is up in arms again since Christina Aguilera stole her boots, scarf, pink bag, hairnet, and sweater. I mean it’s one thing to rob rich people, but mugging my poor old Nana is just down right wrong! These crimes against the elderly must stop!

Christina Aguilera was caught with all my Nana’s stuff as she left the Mercer Hotel in New York with her little dogs….her dumb little dogs. Yeah, I said it. Dumb. Anyway, Christina was just taking a little break from her tour, Back to Basics(ally crap). As a side note, it was like in the 50’s – 60’s in NYC over the weekend. She’s dressed for Antarctica ski season.

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