From Wet to Dry, These are the Best-Selling Dog Food Brands on Amazon Right Now

Our dogs are like our kids, that’s for sure.  So we freak out about what their diet is and what they’re eating on a daily basis.  We’ve narrowed down some of the best dog food brands on Amazon right now to help take the guess work off your plate.

Best Dog Food 2018 - Amazon Best Selling Food for Dogs Wet, Dry, Dehydrated

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There really are so many dog food brands out there on the market and, well, so many dog food options.  If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that we feel like we’re always guilted into what we’re serving our perfect pooch pals.  We’re here to help you find the right food choices for your pup.  Maybe it’s organic and, well, maybe it isn’t.  We’ve researched dozens upon dozens of food options in a variety of categories like wet, dry, new, dehydrated and ‘overall’ and narrowed our list down to really the best-of-the-best across all these categories.  Shop our picks and check out prices for some of the best dog food options (so far) in 2018.  Arf!

Best Selling Dog Food on Amazon (So Far) in 2018:  Taste of the Wild – Buy It Here

Best Selling Dog Food Amazon 2018: Taste of the Wild

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You can’t go wrong with Taste of the Wild.  Your dog will love all the options (and you’ll be ok with the price).  Taste of the Wild is a wonderful grain free formula containing things like peas and sweet potatoes and comes with a ton of great options like lamb, bison, salmon, boar and more.  And, have no fear, it’s made with actual real roasted meat and supplemented with fruits and vegetables.  Perfect for spoiling your best friend with flavor, taste, and still promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Best Dry Dog Food:  Blue Buffalo ‘Blue Life’ Adult Dry Dog Food – Buy It Here

Best Dry Dog Food 2018: BLUE Life Protection Adult Dog

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We can understand why this is currently the best selling and most popular dry dog food brand on Amazon right now.  If you and your dog are looking for all natural food, high in quality, and won’t break the bank this is your best bet.  Blue is known for always featuring real meat, no chicken by-product, no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.  In fact, they even use whole grains, fruit and garden vegetables.  What dog wouldn’t love this?!  One of the more popular flavors is the chicken and brown rice, but they have other popular options too like fish and brown rice and lamb and brown rice.  Brown rice is where it’s at.

Best Wet Dog Food:  Rachel Ray ‘Nutrish’ – Buy It Here

Best Wet Dog Food 2018: Rachel Ray Nutrish Amazon

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Truth be told, we don’t love Rachel Ray, but our favorite pooches love her Nutrish super premium wet dog food.  It’s more of a healthy wet food option since it contains no wheat, soy or corn, leaving your dog with real meat, added vitamins, and added minerals.  Plus, they left out fillers, no meat by-products, artificial preservatives or flavors.  Thanks to the folks at Amazon, you can grab a pack (6, 8-oz tubs) of Nutrish in a variety of delicious options like savory lamb stew, chicken ‘muttballs’ and pasta, chicken ‘paw’ pie, hearty beef stew or even try the variety pack to change things up for your dog every now and then.  They’ll appreciate the variety.  As an added bonus,  a portion of all the proceeds from each sale of Nutrish is donated to” The Rachael Ray Foundation” which helps animals in need!  You can’t really go wrong with that.

Best Organic Dehydrated Dog Food:  The Honest Kitchen ‘Revel ‘ Whole Grain – Buy It Here


Best Organic Dehydrated Dog Food 2018: The Honest Kitchen

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Looking to go the organic route?  The Honest Kitchen is not only one of the best-sellers on the market today in this category, but it’s also perfect for puppies and adult dogs.  Revel is dehydrated so all you have to do is add water and, presto, you’re done.  The option above will make about 40 pounds of real food.  We love that it’s whole grain, human grade (free range chicken), all natural, no GMOs, and no by-products.  You’re really feeding your best friend some of the best food around!  Even better, it’s made in the USA so you’re supporting businesses in your own backyard.  Check out their options of free range chicken, cage free turkey, or range raised beef.  And they have some good sizing options for you based on your pups needs that range from a starter kit, to 2 pounds, all the way up to 10 pounds.

Best Selling ‘New’ Option Dog Food in 2018:  Pedigree ‘High Protein’ With Real Beef – Buy It Here

Best New Dog Food 2018: Pedigree High Protein with Real Beef

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We all could use some extra protein in our day and so do our dogs.  It’s perfect for active dogs who want to remain active or ‘less than active’ dogs who are ready to turn over a new leaf.  They decide that, right?  This new formula has about twenty-five percent more protein than the average and has no sugar added, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial flavors.  Plus, it’s one of the more affordable options out there for the size.

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