The Only 6 Men’s Suits You Need to See For That Upcoming Summer Wedding

The seasons are changing and so should your suit.  Plus, you were just invited to that summer wedding and, well, you might as well look your best.  Read on!

Designer Men's Suits 2018 - Cheap Suits for Men Wedding, Work, Formal Event 2019

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Is it just us or is there nothing worse than having to wear a suit?  We always feel like such a little kid trying to pull off “adult” attire.  The real trick is all in the actual fit of the suit.  You don’t need anything that makes you look like you’re trying to fit into your dad’s suit.  Been there, done that.  And you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to capture the latest trend (hello super skinny suits).  Find a balance that works for you.  This could mean going the trim-to-slim fitting option.  Once you have that down, now’s the time to think of the color and the fabric you’re looking for in a suit.  For the spring, summer, and early fall go with breathable fabrics like linen, seersucker, and some kinds of wool (yes, really).  This is also the time of year when light blues, creams, tans, and the like are good color choices.   However, truth be told, there really aren’t rules when it comes to what color you can wear in which season.  You do you!  There’s nothing wrong with a classic black or blue suit any time of year.  Check out our picks for some of the coolest suits (so far) in 2018.

The Summer Wedding Suit of 2018:  BOSS Classic Fit Cotton Seersucker Suit for Men – Buy It Here

Best Mens Suits 2018: Summer Seersucker Suit for Men by Boss in Light Blue 2019

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This is the perfect suit to sport at that summer wedding you’ve been invited to and, well, have to go to.  At least you can look good while you’re there!  This is designer seersucker, super lightweight, breathable, and is 98% cotton.  We love the blue coloring on this one and it’ll sure turn some heads on the dance floor.

The Sharpest Blue AF Suit:  Ted Baker London ‘Jay’ Trim Fit Dress Suit – Buy It Here

Best Mens Suits 2018: Blue Trim Fit Ted Baker of London Suit for Man 2019

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This dapper Ted Baker suit reminds us of something from Mad Men, but with a total modern twist.  The blue is genius and the flat-front trouser pants help to make you look edgy without trying too hard.

The Best Linen Suit of 2018:  Men’s BOSS Light Blue Linen Trim Fit Suit – Buy It Here

Best Mens Suits 2018: Boss Trim Fit Blue Linen Suit for Summer Wedding 2019

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If you’re looking for on-trend spring-into-summer linen, this is the suit for you. It’s dressy enough for that wedding or summer work event, but still has that cool factor where you can sport your favorite Converse sneakers and look AF.

The Sleek Designer Black Suit:  Canali Classic Fit Black Striped Suit for Men – Buy It Here

Best Mens Suits 2018: Charcoal Classic Fit Suit for Men 2019

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This is the ultimate classic designer suit, in black, with distinguished stripes that really kick the style up a notch.  Toss on this suit when you have a more formal wedding or event to attend this season.  It’ll turn heads and make you look like the true adult you are (sort of).

The Best Wrinkle-Free Suit:  Nordstrom’s ‘Tech Smart’ Travel Suit in Classic Navy Blue – Buy It Here

Best Mens Suits 2018: Navy Blue Cheap Suit Nordstrom 2019

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This is the perfect suit for business travelers (thanks to the wrinkle-resistant fabric) and won’t break the bank.  At the time we chose this suit it was priced at under $500 which, to be honest, is quite the steal.  We also loved how the suit had some stretch to it so it doesn’t feel like you’re trapped in it when trying to move around.  You’ll be able to keep this suit for the long-haul.

The Best  Separates Suit Jacket:   Topman Skinny Fit Suit Jacket –  Buy It Here

Best Mens Suits 2018: Topman Skinny Suit Jacket for Wedding 2019

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If you don’t need the entire suit and are just looking for the suit jacket, this slim fit option from Topman is totally on-trend this season and won’t break the bank.  Check out the matching suit pants below if you want to match them up!

And the Matching ‘Separates’ Suit Pants:  Topman Skinny Fit Suit Trousers – Buy It Here

Best Mens Suits 2018: Suit Pants Separates for Men 2019

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