The Frame Game: The 13 Best Men’s Eyeglasses You Can Buy Online Right Now

We love how far glasses and frames have come for guys recently.  Shop our favorite men’s eyeglasses in 2018.

Best Mens Eyeglasses 2018 - Cheap Glasses & Frames Online for Men

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You can change up your glasses as often as you change up your shoes and you don’t have to spend a ton of money doing so. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest and most unique eyeglasses this season and we’ve found them at almost ‘cheap’ prices. Whether you’re looking for classic “Clark Kent’ frames or want to rock the latest ‘crystal-clear’ glasses we’ve got you covered. If you’re not sure what type of frames are the right fit for your face shape, click here and we’ll walk you through it.  Don’t be afraid to have a few pairs kicking around your house and pair them with what you’re wearing for the day.  From dressed down to suited-up, check out our favorite mens eyeglasses online this season.

1. Best Glasses for Men 2018:  Sandalwood Matte Eyeglasses – Check Price

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We love how these are slightly oversized, fitting more faces perfectly.  It’s a nice change of pace from the sea of all black frames to see something in a sandalwood matte finish.  These eyeglasses also come in a whiskey tortoise color for a trendier, more distinguished look.

2.  Ames Jet Black Matte Finish Men’s Glasses – Check Price

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These eyeglasses are for the smarty-pants or the smarty-pants at heart!  Throwing back a bit of a vintage vibe with a modern update, these frames are made from hand-polished cellulose acetate and stainless steel.  This stylish option comes in black matte or whiskey tortoise.

3.  Bowen ‘Eastern Blue Fade’ Glasses for Men – Check Price

Mens Eyeglasses 2016: Two-Toned Men's Glasses 2017

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These are the glasses perfect for the fashion risk-taker.  The two-tones (brown and faded blue) are a perfect match for the season, will turn some heads, and keep you head of the curve.  The corner of the frames are chiseled and, overall, the frames are on the wider side so they’ll fit your face perfectly.

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4.  Nash ‘Crystal Clear’ Glasses for Men – Check Price

Mens Eyeglasses 2016: Crystal Clear Frames 2017

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These are one of our favorite pairs of men’s eyeglasses (so far) this year.  We love the crystal clear vintage-inspired square frames and how they’re really perfect fort any time of year.  You’ll totally make a statement with these glasses especially when it’s time to upgrade your face.  Is that a thing?

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5.  Nesbit ‘Heritage Bronze’ Wire-Framed Glasses – Check Price

Mens Eyeglasses 2016: Wire Frames in Bronze 2017

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If you’re not into thick eyeglasses these are the frames for you! They’re super lightweight, yet made from the strongest ion-plated titanium.  We love them in this heritage bronze color, but they also come in a simple stated jet-silver too.

6.  Colin ‘Tortoise Blend’ Glasses in Brown – Check Price

Mens Eyeglasses 2016: Best Eyeglasses & Cool Frames 2017

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We really can’t get enough of this whiskey-tortoise color option.  It looks so classy and trendy without trying to hard.  They’re a low-bridge fit and really help to frame your face.  Plus, they also come in a super cool teal-crystal-fade color option too.  Ready to take the plunge?

7.  Fletcher Black Matte Eclipse Eyeglasses – Check Price

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A modern twist on the classic Clark Kent glasses, these are less thick than the 60’s inspired ones, but still make a statement especially with their black matte finish.  A bit on the wider side, these frames will fit perfectly on almost any face shape.  Check them out in ‘eastern blue fade’ too!

8.  Mitchell Earl Grey Mens Eyeglasses – Check Price

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Smaller in stature, these earl grey frames fall more on the traditional side, but the color really kicks them up a notch.  Perfect for when you just want to make a small statement without overdoing it.

9.  Holme ‘Jet Silver’ Eyeglasses – Check Price

Mens Eyeglasses 2016: Silver Glasses 2017

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These jet silver square frames are crushing the competition in 2018.  They’re extremely lightweight (especially when compared to other glasses) and the curved nose bridge bar add a little something extra that really completes the overall look.

10.  Crane ‘Atlantic Blue’ Trendy Eyeglasses – Check Price

Mens Eyeglasses 2016: Atlantic Blue Warby Parker Cheap Glasses 2017

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11.  Durand ‘Whiskey Tortoise’ Round Frame Glasses – Check Price

Mens Eyeglasses 2016: Whiskey Tortoise Glasses Online 2017

Check Price

12.  Haskell ‘Crystal Clear & Manzanita’ Eyeglasses – Check Price

Mens Eyeglasses 2016: Trendy Clear Glasses 2017

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13.  Lionel ‘Brushed Navy’ Round Wire Frames – Check Price

Mens Eyeglasses 2016: Brushed Navy Glasses 2017

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The Best Glasses Based On Your Face Shape

It’s one thing to look at a pair of eyeglasses and think you like them.  That’s the easy part.  Sometimes the tough part is figuring out if the frames you like would actually look good on you based on the shape of your face.  While it’s always your best bet to go and try them on in-store, some brands allow you to order  a variety of glasses to try on at home and just send back the ones you don’t like.  But first it’s important to try and narrow down your selection, so below is a little handy-dandy guide to help you decipher which glasses are best for you based on your face shape.  It’s not the gospel, but just a cheat-sheet, if you will.

Round Face:  First things first, a round face does not = fat.  It could (of course) but we’re talking about the width and the height being the same.  Typically, you’ll find yourself having slightly bigger cheeks, a curvier chin, and a wider forehead.  Embrace all those dimensions and go for a pair of glasses that are more rectangular in shape.  They’ll help to make your face appear a bit thinner and longer.  And go for frames that have a bit of an uptick to them in the corners because it’ll help to raise your cheek appearance.

Oval Face:  Well lucky you.  You have an oval shaped face.  This means that, pretty much, any style frames are going to look perfect on you.  Yawn.  Oval faced peeps are typically categorized having faces that are taller than wide.  We recommend going with square or rectangular frames to add some contrast.  You should stay away from eyeglasses that are too small or too large.  If something is going to wrap around your face, you’ll probably want to stay away from those.

Square Face:  If you’re ever called a ‘Blockhead’ we feel your pain.  Those of us who are square faced typically have a strong (square) jawline and forehead (and your chin will angle out).  Basically, you’re like a Superman cartoon.  In order to balance out your leading-man looking face we recommend minimal frames that are typically round (like circular frames).  Thin metal wires will look great.  We’re not saying you can’t go for the thicker acetate frames (you do you), but you may want to pass on them.

Heart-Shaped Face:  This one is easy to decipher.  Your face is, literally, shaped like a heart (sort of).  You’ll have a wider forehead, high cheekbones, and a more narrow chin.  Sometimes those of us with heart-shaped faces have a more difficult time finding frames that fit our face correctly.  Your best bet is to do with round or circular frames because it’ll really help to balance out your face (hello wider forehead!).


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