Where to Find Some of the Best Bongs Online This Year

Because we’re all adults here and, well, we’re all in need of the ultimate glass bong.  Let’s do this together.

Best Glass Bongs 2018 - Cheap Glass Pipes and Bong For Sale Online Reviews


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It may be time to actually update and upgrade your bong since the glory days of college.  You remember those days, right?  We barely do.  While there are a ton of different bong styles and types out there, we always are partial to glass.  Most glass bongs are actually made from borosilicate glass, which is heat resistant.  Because of this, it really allows your bong to take hit after hit with repeated use without actually breaking it due to the heat.  Basically it’s your safest bet.  Also, this was basically your bong lesson of the day.  Pencils down.  Shop from some of our favorite glass bongs and pipes for sale online in 2018.

1.  The Classic Glass Bong:  Mini Tree Perc Beaker Bong in Black – Buy It Here

Glass Bongs For Sale 2017: Mini Tree Perc 2018

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So why the mini tree perc?  It’s simple.  The mini three arm perc when combined with the ice notches helps shake things up so that your hit is cool and refreshing all at the same time.  Plus, thanks for the base being on the larger side it decreases the chances that it’s going to get tipped over by that person (and you know the one) who always knocks it over after their hit.  #Rookies.

2.  The High-End Glass Bong:  Jane West Cobalt Blue Beaker – Buy It Here

Glass Bongs For Sale 2017: Jane West Beaker Bong in Blue 2018

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This bong is basically a work of art and, hey, maybe you’ll want to display it even when you’re not using it.  It has a fixed diffused downstream and a matching flower bowl.  All together it helps filter out anything you don’t really want to be inhaling. Plus, for real, how cool does the cobalt blue glass look?!

3.  The Ultimate HVY Glass Bong:  12-inch Glass Straight Bong – Buy It Here

Glass Bongs For Sale 2017: 12-inch Glass on Glass 2018 Reviews

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We’re all about the science behind owning the best bong ever and the HVY scientific glass helps with just that to complete your smoke session.  If blue isn’t your thing, there’s also a yellow lip option.  Either way, this guy comes with down-stem diffuser, a slide bowl, and ice notches.

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4.  The Cheap Glass Bong Option:  Acrylic Bubble Grip Bong in Blue & Red – Buy It Here

Glass Bongs For Sale 2017: Bubble Grip Bong in Red & Blue 2018

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If you don’t want to break the bank (or your bong) this is probably the best option for you.  Coming in at under $20, it maximizes its water volume capacity with its wide bubble base and even comes in other cool color options like green and yellow, red and yellow, and even Rasta!

5.  The Traveling Glass Bong:  Sheldon Black ‘Traveler Bubbler’ in Blue – Buy It Here

Glass Bongs For Sale 2017: Best Travel Bubbler Bong Online Review 2018

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Looking for a hit to go?  We hear you.  We loved that this bong was made of compact glass and truly engineered to be brought with you wherever you may be traveling too, be it a long weekend away or, you know, an actual vacation.  The diffuser is removable, as is the mouthpiece and bowl slide.  It’s like the Inspector Gadget of glass bongs!