Celtics are NBA Champions! I Helped.

Boston sports teams are on fire! Oh, and after the Celtics won the NBA finals last night I’m sure the Boston fans have set the city on actual fire. After not winning a championship since 1986, the Celtics humiliated the Lakers last night in game 6 of the NBA finals with a 131 – 92 win. Now I’m not great with “the math” but I’m pretty sure that’s like a 72 point difference or something. What was even better about the win was that the Celtics did it back home in front of an insanely loud crowd at the Boston Garden. I may have been watching in my apartment in NYC, but I truly believe that my viewership helped the Celts win it all. You’re welcome, Celtics.

Of course, Paul Pierce brought home the MVP trophy and in an interesting “numbers” situation, the Celtics won their 17th championship on the 17th of June and when you add 17 and 17 you get 34, which is Paul Pierce’s number. I assume Jesus was behind this. Thank you Jesus!

What a great time to be a Boston sports fan. Please hold all hate mail.
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