Celebrity Twitter Bomb…the Return…of the Return. Join Now!

Oprah is over, you guys, so therefore I believe all of her fans should help me with this never-ending Celebrity Twitter Bomb.  Since that won’t happen, I’ll settle for my favorite IBBB readers.  Ahem, that’s you.  Oh, and we’re sticking with the same two this week in hopes that they’ll finally become fans of IBBB.  If not, I may resort to some type of Make a Wish Foundation scenario (goodbye to those of you who just stopped reading).  Therefore, this week we’re adding yet another Regis & Kelly producer (@scott_eason)  So, if my math is correct we’re up to three.  Here’s the deal (as if you don’t know)

  1. After the RHONJ recap goes  live, please Tweet it to the following people:  @kellyripa  @bravoandy  @scott_eason  (don’t forget the _ between the scott and the eason  @scott_eason)
  2. That’s all.
  3. Thank you.
  4. Come on.
  5. Here’s the short link you can cut and paste:  http://bit.ly/ke9KIh

Thank you all, in advance, for playing along.  While I’m sure you’re all getting sick of doing this I’m almost certain this still can take steak.  And you know it!

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