Celebrities Are Just Like Us. They Try to Kill Themselves!

Allegedly, Pete Doherty tried to take a bit of a dirt nap after finding out that Kate Moss was dating someone else. Here’s a snippet from the article:

“He downed an entire bottle of pills hoping to end his life. However, he failed and instead became violently sick. Johnny “Headlock” Jeannevol, Pete’s handler told, “Pete’s been really wound up over Kate showing off her new man. He saw an opportunity to take an overdose and took it. He told me he didn’t know what the pills were but thought ‘f*** it’ and took them all. He doesn’t care what drugs do to him – in fact, he likes finding out.”

Awesome! Now why can’t US Weekly do more things like that? Here are some other possible “Celebrities are Just Like Us” topics:

  • They cheat on their wives
  • They beat their kids when they lose the Oscar
  • They take the “morning after” pill
  • They don’t always flush the toilet in a public restroom

Who Said That!?!

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