Carrie Underwood and the Case of the Bum Sniffer

There are more and more celebrity bum sniffers on the loose and, apparently, even little old Carrier Underpants isn’t safe from this new craze. Carrie was just simply walking through LAX with her dog and some sweatpants from 1986 when the Celebrity Bum Sniffing Bandit took a crack at Carrie’s…well, crack. Carrie seemed unphased as this is typically something a celebrity is unaware of. Celebrity bum sniffing is not just tacky and classless, but it’s also a crime. How do I know? I had to serve 6-months in the state penitentiary for trying to bum sniff an Olsen Slut back in ’06. As a side note, Olsen crack smells like cotton candy and pixie sticks. I would have assumed Misty 120’s and Maxwell House (auto drip). Go figure.
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