Cancel the Amber Alert. Olivia Palermo Has Been Found!



Cancel the Amber Alert and cut the black-and-white pictures off the back of your milk cartons because Olivia Palermo, my future wife/puppet, has finally been found.  Like Elizabeth Smart, she’s been missing for what seems like months.  I just assumed she was trapped in a shed about 45 feet away from the set of The City and dressed like she was in biblical times.  I guess Elizabeth Smart jokes never get old.

Anymane, Olivia must be malnourished because she can barely stand all the way up while she attends a God-awful NYC Fashion Week fashion show with Whitney.  She must become exhausted after curling her hair for hours to really get that “Dina Lohan” style down to a science. 

In the last photo, Olivia either looks shocked because she’s realizing the scene she’s in isn’t following the standard story-board and script….or she’s just basically advertising.  Either way, I’m fine with both.

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